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Financial Planning Seminars

At Delphi Wealth Management Group we are committed to serving our clients and serving the community around us.  Through our number of community outreaches, we have helped bring smiles, comfort, and knowledge to hundreds of employees all over Chester County through our Wealth Management Market & Educational Workshops.  In this tight labor market, many employers are looking for an edge to attract and retain employees.  We have found that these workshops show employees that their company not only cares about their work life but also their personal life making sure they are well educated in taking care of themselves and their families.  We offer employees some basic knowledge and understanding of whatever topic is being covered in that seminar.  Delphi WMG focuses on 5 seminar topics at no cost to the employer.  We do not wish to solicit anything from our companies we work with or their employees; we wish to build a partnership that can be mutually beneficial.

CJ Winchock Financial Planner


Delphi WMG

805 Springdale Drive Exton, PA 19341


  • Social Security
    • When should you take Social Security
    • How social security is taxed
    • How to begin taking social security
    • Strategies for maximizing your social security
  • Education Funding
    • What to expect when paying for college
    • How to plan for this big expense
    • Various planning strategies to save for their child’s education
  • Personal Finance
    • How to save for short term goals
    • How to save for long term goals
    • Debt reduction strategies
  • Retirement Planning
    • How to save for a successful retirement
    • How much should you save to afford retirement
    • Tax-deferred versus Tax-free savings (Roth)
    • Debts/Liabilities in retirement
    • Retirement income
  • Market/Economic Update
    • How to navigate the ups and downs of the market
    • Investing principles
    • Market indices explained
    • Diversification and the average investor