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Jocelyn Donovan

Jocelyn Donovan

Wealth Assistant

Jocelyn has been a part of the financial industry for over 30 years.  She has witnessed companies evolve and has continually kept herself up to date and knowledgeable on industry happenings.  Jocelyn’s attention to detail is first-class and clients respond both to her professionalism and her compassion to their needs. 

Jocelyn has been working with David Layo for over a decade and is happy to be joining Team Delphi with him in this new phase of their careers.  This successful time together is demonstrated by their synergetic power in the office. 

You can find Jocelyn and her family at the New Jersey shore every September for well deserved relaxation.  Family comes first Jocelyn and Michael, her husband of over 30 years; they enjoy time on the weekends together with their two grown sons.