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John Kane

For the past 22 years, John Kane has been working to ensure each client is guided through every stage of planning for the future. Whether you have never imagined life beyond your career, or have precise goals in mind, like early retirement, debt reduction, or extensive travel, John is skilled in authoring a custom plan that allows you to see the possibilities and weigh the differences.

“Each decision impacts your financial picture, and I want to help you understand exactly how your future can look, taking the most beneficial steps toward what you want.”

It’s a collaboration based on objective conversations which are often kept apart from friends and family. Discussing private financial matters in a relationship built over several years, John’s knowledge and attention is guided by your interests and wishes. It’s a relief for many clients to have dependable answers to their most pressing questions. Am I saving enough to avoid running out of money? What is the smartest order to pay off our obligations? Will we be ok to enjoy our retirement?

Using technology to track client accounts and show multiple options is only a small part of the process. John and the Delphi team are trained to listen closely and pose “what if” questions to direct and balance your path forward. Is downsizing now an option to afford more travel?  Will paying off your mortgage really change your monthly expenses? How will a significant expense now impact your life once you reach your 80’s? These questions allow you to visualize and prioritize together.

Learning what is most important to you and building each step in the plan that allows you an enjoyable, comfortable lifestyle is most rewarding for John. Having started in the business as an intern, as co-partner, he now guides students through Delphi’s approach to wealth management. John resides in Downingtown with Stephanie and his three children. He is an active Board Member of A Haven (Chester County Grief Center for Youth & Families) and a former Board Member of the Lionville Community YMCA, Marple Newtown Ice Hockey Club and United Way of Chester County.