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Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermott


“I will never forget how hard you’ve worked, so your interests and hopes determine the direction of our plans together.”

Kevin McDermott knows preparation is the key to managing finances -- and making strategic decisions at crucial moments helps build stability. Wealth management has been his passion and profession for more than 33 years, with expertise and instincts refined through multiple seasons of changing markets.

Overseeing each client’s personal wealth happens through a one-on-one consultative relationship built over decades together. He listens to your goals, considering your tolerance for risk and your investment timeline. Kevin begins each meeting ready to address and answer the most pressing concerns about your family and future. He prepares by getting in touch ahead of your time together to uncover your expectations and objectives for the conversation. Staying aware of any changes in your situation helps tailor each discussion and allows you to go deeper into the issues that matter most.

Kevin has specific guidance for each stage of your journey toward retirement. Clients in the “go-go” income generating, wealth accumulation stage will work to maximize retirement contributions. He may recommend moves to help ensure your security and independence in the “slow-go” stage, like gifting specific dollar amounts to family members. In the “no-go” stage, he works to help clients stabilize their estate plans and make tax-free transfer arrangements to loved ones. Sound guidance, backed by research at each phase, keeps every client’s plan on track.  

Utilizing the technology and resources of Lincoln Financial Advisors, Kevin demonstrates how the timing of each decision may impact your financial picture over the course of your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s as you create and implement financial strategies together. This top-level planning applies to traditional investment portfolios as well as to complex, specialized cases.

As co-founder of Delphi WMG, Kevin mentors and shares his knowledge with each employee from interns to advisors, teaching the importance of going the extra mile with personal service. Each call to the office is answered by a Delphi staffer. Advisors get right back to clients and consistently follow up. These key fundamentals ensure every interaction is informed and helpful. Kevin lives in West Chester and is a board member of the Chester County Food Bank.